Thursday, November 23, 2006

Good evening to all ,I'm Greg Tucker with some breaking news.

Upon arriving home at the apartment tonight Kinger was surprised to find a piece of paper addressed to himself. The word KING was spelled out in green ink, it also smelled like candy. The note in question was found right outside our door, below is an exact copy of what was published in the letter.

So Kinger has a stalker, plain and simple.
We asked Kinger if he had any thoughts on this.

He replied "What the hell, fodus. I fear however that author of this note is most likely 12 years old, and will not end my drought. However, LeeJ is writing a release form for the parents of the author, to participate in extra curricular activities with me (Kinger). "
Though off the record Mr. King said that he will be attending the soiree Saturday night as stated on the letter. As a precaution, Mr. King has asked me to tag along, to photograph and document the entire event so that you the public can have some closer on this very LEGENDARY issue.
Mr. King has given this reporter instructions to "SUIT UP", so that we can identify these culprits.
More so, Mr. King has brought into the question the means to which these author's or author entered the building, and knew what apartment to place the note outside, as our names are not on the mailbox or buzzer to get into the building or our apartment.
Stayed tuned for more on the Stalker, later this week.

"Dear King,
We are big fans of you. We find you are a very good player, handsome and hot. The reason we are writting this letter to you is because we want you to go to Castelo's party on saturday night (9:30pm) at CMGC'S gymnasium. Would you like to go? We hope you'll be there because we are waiting for you.
Love your BIG fans
P.S Bring your friends with you! :)"

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Daniel said...

Careful boys...don't want to hear about you guys getting Zudiema'd.