Friday, November 03, 2006

“Hi, and welcome to the show. I’m your host Greg Tucker, and we would like to thank you for tuning in for this very special blog site broadcast. Our guest tonight has been described as much more than a man, some people say he’s a myth, even a legend, please welcome. Jeremy David King.”


TUCKER“ Thanks for coming on the show Jeremy, we‘ve been trying to get you on for a month now, glad that you were able to finally come on”
MR.KING “No problem at all, and please call me Kinger”
TUCKER “ So how are you doing these days, I know that you have a busy schedule, how are things”?
TUCKER “Lets talk about that actually, why do people call you Kinger”
MR.KING “ Why do people call me Kinger? mostly cause of my last name being King, but it also has to do with the fact that I like being associated with royalty. It just stuck”.

TUCKER “ You also grew up in Prince George, how was your child hood their?
MR. KING “ My childhood? Growing up on the street of Prince George was a tough life, the streets got me into a lot of fights, which gave me my tough outer shell, tough skin if you like, but at the same time it left me with a nice friendly interior and if your lucky you will get to know Kinger the man, on the inside.”
TUCKER “ You went to school at the University of Alberta correct”?
MR.KING “ That is correct ."
TUCKER “ What do find are the main differences between your U of A lifestyle and your lifestyle now”?
MR.KING “ Well my sleep time is about the same, a lot less binge drinking however, I have lost the ability to pound back the beers."
TUCKER “ Anything else”?
MR.KING “ way less b****** here, as you can tell from the love number on the site.”

TUCKER “ We have heard that you now have an obsession with the TIGER WOODS PGA 05, PS2 golf game”?
MR.KING “ That I can confirm out right, Tiger is definitely a good friend of mine these days, helps me recover after getting my ass beat down at practice, a very healthy obsession, very healthy.”

TUCKER “ Is it true that you made your friends miss their flight to London, could you tell us that story”?
MR. KING “ Well, I was suppose to lend them my alarm clock, and I set it for 5, and I seemed to absent mindedly forgot to turn the alarm on, which compounded with the fact that they got hammered the night before, resulted in a sleep in time of over three hours.”
TUCKER “So the idiots got hammered and missed there flight” ?
MR.KING “ Pretty much, that would sum it up”.

TUCKER “ Lets take a quick question from the audience”.
AUDIENCE MEMBER “ Is it true Mr. King that you fathered an illegitimate son in Denmark, and also I have heard that you have a wife back in Edmonton”?
MR.KING “ That would be ummmm, I’m actually not allowed to talk about that until the lawsuit is over. I will have to direct all those questions to my lawyer. Sorry.”
SCREAMED FROM THE AUDIENCE “ You bastard your going to settle out of court aren’t you. "

TUCKER “ Alright….. Excellent answer to some tough questions, lets take an email question. This comes to us from Pam from Edmonton. Is EVERYTHING on your body proportional to your height? I can’t believe that my producers let me ask this on the air, sorry about that Kinger.”
MR.KING “It’s quite alright Greg, actually my left pinky is abnormally larger than my right, I think that is what Pam was referring to Greg.”
TUCKER (chuckles)
MR.KING (chuckles)

end of part one. part two coming soon (video)

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